About Us

Dedication to Quality

We have a fully equipped quality assurance department including a fully automated Mitutoyo CMM to ensure we exceed our customers expectations. All of our orders are ran through a series of quality assurance testing procedures. We are capable of producing first article inspection reports and manufacturing parts in conformance to inspection requirement MIL-I-45208A.

CAD/CAM Systems

Our programming is done on Surfcam and Geopath, which is a CAD/CAM system capable of utilizing your CAD files for the purpose of quoting or producing any job. If you wish to e-mail your files to us, our website is mckenziemachining.com or you can e-mail me directly at smckenzie@mckenziemachining.com

Advanced CNC Equipment for Precision Machining

To ensure quality, McKenzie Machining uses the most advanced precision machines in the industry. We administer an ongoing, consistent inspection and maintenance program to ensure our equipment performs at its best.

Communications that Focuses on Customer Needs

Clear communication ensures quality and efficiency. McKenzie Machining works with your engineers in the creation of a better, more cost-effective product. We offer feedback about a product’s manufacturability. This attention to detail can mean savings for you in time and money.

Estimating System Provides Timely, Accurate Quotes

Over the years we’ve refined an estimating system tailored to the capabilities of McKenzie Machining. We’re fast and accurate, which greatly reduces your risk of unanticipated price increases.

Scheduling and Job Tracking Systems to Meet Your Deadlines

Dedicated computerized scheduling provides accurate delivery time estimates. By scheduling our computerized machine centers in advance and updating them daily we track projects and machine activity closely to ensure we meet your deadlines.